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Should You Sell Your Property To A Investor Or Use A Realtor?

That is a great question. The best answer I can give you is it depends on the property. As a real estate investor I have looked at thousands of properties and obviously I was not able to buy all of them. But one thing I can honestly say is that when I come across a property that is in really great shape I let the seller know that they would probably come out better financially if they listed their property with a realtor.

As an investor there are many things I have to take into consideration when purchasing a property, for example closing costs, holding costs, renovation costs, realtor fees, profit margin. When the property is in great condition most of the time their realtor's commission and convenience are the only thing that the seller has to worry about. There would be multiple people looking through their house there offers may fall through. This could be a drawn out process.

Now when the property is in need of repair, here is where my company be of great assistance. Because, I purchase all the properties I buy as-is, I can save the seller a great deal of money they the would have to use to repair the property themselves in order to sell it. "It's not how much you get it's how much you get to keep." I can also save them time which in most instances is just as valuable as money. Generally I can have a property ready in less than a month depending on our plan for the property. I have seen instances where the owners have taken longer than six months before the property is completed.

I guess the real answer to this question gets down to your situation and your needs. Selling to an investor or using a realtor to sell your property both have their merits and both have disadvantages. What you truly have to consider is what works better for you and what is going to give you the best results at the end of the day.

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