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Common Questions When Selling to Assurity Property Buyers 

Do I have to sell my property if you come look a it?

Absolutely not. We do not get to purchase every property we look at. We will make you a fair offer based on other 

comparable sales and the condition of the property. If our offer does not work for you then you were at least given 

some free information and possibly other solutions that may work for you.

What if I have tenants in my property and I don't want them to know I am considering selling?

This is a situation we run into quite often. We definitely do not want to cause a scenario where your tenants may become angry with you because you are considering selling. In this situation we often portray the part of a third-party inspector just there to do an appraisal and that we really don't have much more information.

How long will it take to get cash for my property? 

That will be determined by you. We can close as fast as you want or as slow as you want. In most cases, we need a minimum of two weeks. This time includes doing a title and deed search as well as having an inspector look at the property for us. 

Can you make me an offer without seeing the property? 

In most instances yes we can. But, we need to get a good amount of information about the particulars of the property in order to make an offer. Also, before closing we will definitely need to send a team member to the property to confirm the condition as well as inspect the property to confirm our estimates are accurate.

What are you going to do with the property once you buy it?

We do not limit ourselves to just one plan when it comes to investing in real estate. Many of our properties are renovated and resold. Some get added to one of our rental portfolios. Some properties we also bring a partner in on to invest in together. 

I have so much stuff in the house that I need to get out. 

We help with that. Until closing unless otherwise stated everything in the house is yours. After closing, anything you don't want you can just leave there and we will deal with it. If there is anything that can be utilized by someone else it will be donated. Everything else will be hauled off by us. We also have negotiated discounts with multiple moving companies should you need belongings packed and moved.

What is the next step if we agree to a price?

The first thing is that we have an Offer to Purchase contract drawn up and signed by both parties. That will be sent to the closing attorney to start the closing process. We will also schedule an inspection by a third party to inspect the property for us. Once both are complete we can schedule the closing date.

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